Faucet and fixture


Some faucets are easy to install, others can be quite difficult. It mostly depends on your access to the plumbing. If you are installing a bathroom faucet into a new sink, chances are it will be simple because you can put in the parts before placing the sink.
If the sink is already in place, your only access is from underneath. A tool called a basin wrench can extend your reach, but it's still an awkward task. Whether you buy a single-piece faucet or a split set like the one shown here, be sure your sink or countertop has the appropriate number and sizes of holes for the unit.
To remove an old faucet, first turn off the shut-off valves at the supply tubes. Use a basin wrench to remove the nuts that connect the supply tubes to the faucet tailpieces. Drain the water in the supply tubes into a bucket or bowl. Problems from your home with superior faucet repair work and other services from our dedicated professionals.

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